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Pathology Collection On-Site

Emerald Hills Medical Care have on-site pathology collector opening hours for pathology collection Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm Saturday 9am till 12pm


Emerald Hills Medical Centre can help you and your children for age and type of vaccines/immunisations. Our doctors perform complete health checks as per requirements of the blue book. Please see one of our doctors to discuss your vaccine.

Skin Check-up

At Emerald Hills Medical Centre, we provide education and treatment on early detection, level of risk and prevention. Get to know your skin well, by doing this you will be able to tell if a freckle or mole has changed in shape, size, colour

Children Health

Keeping children healthy can sometimes be a challenge with illnesses being brought home from school or childcare. At Emerald Hills Medical Centre, our doctors provide blue book health checks for all milestone ages and immunisations.

Women’s Health

Our doctors can help you for pap smears, breast checks, to discuss general health and fitness and nutrition, mental health consults for other women’s health issues. We also offer onsite allied health professionals to help with fitness goal

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